Designed for investigators, you will not find clunky acronyms or confusing jargon here. Rather, we focus on the fundamentals that exist at the core of every cyber-investigation. You will also notice that there are NO BORING SLIDES TO READ as this course is designed for the student to sit back, watch, and learn! We then reinforce the information presented by incorporating hands-on exercises that allow the learner to test their skills in real world scenarios.  


Fundamentals of a Cyber-Investigation | Social Media Threats | Understanding the Dark Web | How Digital Devices Communicate via the Internet | Locating Suspects by their IP Addresses | Hiding on the Internet (VPNs, Proxy Servers, etc.) | Internet-based Phone Services (VoIP) | E-mail Crimes

COST: $75

Each student will receive a comprehensive Field Guide ("cheat sheet") and a Certificate of Completion.